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Passionate film industry professional with over 20 years of experience.
Cliff Hokanson has had a successful career as a  Camera/Steadicam operator in feature films and television.   Cliff is well known for his ‘quick execution’ and his creative skills with camera movement.    He is multi-skilled in many facets of film but dedicates  most of the year  to Steadicam and A/B Camera operating.    In addition to this, Cliff is self-motivated and is very  knowledgeable with the technical aspects of everything from lighting to post-production. Energetic and performance-driven film professional.
Dedicated self-starter who has a proven ability to produce tangible results.
Self-confident and pace-setting leader who thrives in a high pressure, fast paced environment.
Cliff designed a jib arm and has acquired a wide array of  equipment that is available for many different needs.  The list of gear includes:

   *EPIC  RED Camera’s



   * Remote follow focus units

   * Hot-gears Remote Heads

   * Jib Arm

   * Led Lighting

   * 3D RED Camera System.

As methods of electronic communication rapidly develop, Cliff  has stayed at the forefront of his field by continuously upgrading his experience level and skills.  This includes developing a live video assist twin play back system (motion control).   He  also recently developed  his own RED/EPIC 3-D camera platforms.

As a Director of Photography Camera operator Cliff  is well versed and has been involved in everything from the production of feature and independent films, movie of the week, documentaries, commercials and countless music videos.  Though Cliff  lives and works primarily out of Vancouver, B.C., these  projects have taken him to locations as far off as Russia.

Cliff takes pride  in the fact that his colleagues declare  

Cliff is known as the man that takes a project and gives it a look ten times the budget.

As a Director of Photography and a operator Cliff  has enjoyed the challenges of working on everything from shoe-string budgets to large-scale productions.    Lighting styles include romantic to moody to sleek and theatrical and then to whatever else the project  desires.  Anything is possible!

Lastly, Cliff is  known for getting down to business, keeping things within budget and for saving production time and money.  Thank you for your interest, Cliff would love to help out in any way needed.

Please call 604 351-6945

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